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Subject: Funding for Filipino Cultural Exhibit
From: Joanna Tabora
Date: 04/24/02
Attn: Social investors interested in supporting culture and history -->

Hello to all the beautiful souls…
I am enlisting your help. I am looking for social investors/funding sources willing to support a full-scale, nationally touring, museum exhibit showcasing Philippine artifacts, art pieces, and interactive education (Seattle, WA).

Because you support freedom and self-expression for all people.

In 1904, the St. Louis World Expo's largest and most popular exhibit was a live "Igorotte Village." (native people in the Philippines). This attraction depicted the Philippines as an uncivilized, barbaric land with primitive savages. It included REAL native people in a fenced in, RECREATED environment! This was shortly after the US annexed the Philippines after the Spanish-American War of 1898. During this time America was experimenting with colonialism and supremacy. The message was a call to "take up the white man's burden."

Now 100 years later, this exhibit is to reclaim and commemorate the rich and vibrant history of the Philippine people that is alive today and has always been in existence. This exhibit is as much for Filipino people as is it for all people who have been affected by the cultural hypnosis that is caused by colonization and socio-economic injustic.

I am looking for donors, grants, alternative funding, and social investors alike to make this event happen for 2004. We are in the development and acquisition stage. As a sponsor you will be a major part of cultural history.

I am opening this discussion for feedback and resources.
"God works through us...what have you done lately?!"

Call or write me!
Joanna Tabora | 425.687.0508
14600 SE 176th St. #G2
Renton, WA 98058


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