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Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement

12 rue Guy de la Brosse
Paris 75005

Contact: Anne-Sophie Bougouin, Institutional Partnerships Officer
Phone: 33-1-40-46-70-00
Fax: 33-1-46-34-81-18
Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement

Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement (SIDI) specializes in the support of microfinance institutions located in developing countries, which help those excluded from the formal banking sector. SIDI works with local partner institutions by offering financial and follow-up support (institutional accompaniment, technical assistance, training etc.) to help them achieve operational autonomy. Along with its partners, SIDI engages in solidarity financing with a focus on social, environmental and ethical issues on a long term scale.


SIDI responds to requests for partnership made by local organizations. These partnerships are formed to facilitate credit and savings initiatives that support local development, and generate economic activity and income. They include:
  • Financial support
  • : at the end of 2005, SIDI's portfolio amounted ¬5.3 million and was made of:
  • Equity participation
  • : SIDI's instrument of choice. These are long term investments that reflect a genuine commitment and risk-sharing.
  • Loans
  • : when it grants loans to its partners, SIDI ensures that it offers suitable conditions (relatively long term loans, limited interest rates etc., loans in local and/or foreign currency).
  • Guarantees
  • : enables its partners to secure loans from other financial institutions (so providing a leverage effect)
  • Follow-up support
  • : constitutes, along with financing, the core activity of SIDI. In 2005, SIDI dedicated a little over ¬1 million to this support which consists of activities in the fields of technical assistance, monitoring, counseling and institutional support over the medium and long terms. This support is tailored to the needs of each partner and concerns fields as varied as management, accountancy, strategy, governance and human resources.
  • Technical Support
  • : SIDI provides technical support to its partner institutions in order to strengthen their operational capacities (see above).

    Client Population

    In 2005, SIDI worked with 67 partner institutions in more than 30 countries around the world. Among these 67 institutions, 48 benefited from financial support. These institutions work in the rural, urban, and semi-urban areas of the countries in which they are located. Servicing the needs of the underserved members of the population is the goal of all of these institutions; however many are specifically dedicated to issues exclusive to women and rural communities. With the majority of borrowers in Africa, SIDI still manages to serve institutions located in the Latin American, Mediterranean, European, Caribbean, and Asian regions.


    Since its creation 23 years ago, SIDI has strongly expanded its activities. At the end of 2005, more than ¬5 million have been invested in a sustainable fashion with 48 partners in the South and the East. Thanks to a tremendous leverage effect, more than 500,00 people have gained access to tailored financial services to develop their economic activities and improve their living conditions and those of their families.


    Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l'Investissement
    This is the case of Carmen, who sales diary products and fruit juices at a market in the suburbs of Lima. Carmen was forced to leave Northern Peru in the early 90’s because of misery and terrorism. A few years ago, thanks to a friend of hers, she was able to join a group of 10 persons who are guarantors one to another. She was granted a first loan of 500 soles (about USD 150) which enabled her to become a travelling seller. But it is after being trained by EDAPROSPO, that her situation really improved: today Carmen owns her space to sell, that she bought thanks to a 2500 sol loan, and buys the commodities thanks to an individual loan of 600 soles renewed every 4 months. Her monthly net income, after loan reimbursements, is of 800 to 1000 soles, i.e. more than the average income. Carmen can now bring up in dignity her 4 children. Full Story

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