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Los Angeles LDC, Inc.
Contact Info:

1055 W. 7th Street, Ste. 2840
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213-362-9113
Small Business: 41.00%    
Community Development: 57.00%    

Since 1996, the Los Angeles LDC has been involved in a wide variety of community development finance transaction in low income communities. During this period 84% of borrowers funded by the LDC have been located in low income communities. In those cases where borrowers not located in low income communities, 90% are minority led organizations or businesses. We have successfully raised and deployed our 1st Commercial Real Estate Private Equity Investment Loan Fund. The 504 ACE Loan Fund I (2004) was a $10 Million Fund. At our Fiscal Year End 2007, the total loan portfolio was $6.2MM and we have NO losses and experienced only one (1) default. Our average portfolio note rate 7.93% and the average note balance is $483,156 and our investor have earned cash on cash returns of 6.01% during the past three years. Given this success we have launched on 504 ACE LOAN FUND II has has the following characteristices: Commercial Real Estate Loan Fund $20 Million Offering - Private Placement, 100 units available, $200,000 minimum investment, Pricing target for Fund assets 3.0%-4.0% over 7-10 Treasuries or Swap Rate, Fund asset allow up to 90% LTV, Senior and junior debt available, Up 25/15 amortization and maturities, DCR 1.10-1.40, Manager’s fee 1.25 per annum of performing portfolio, Credit authority resides with “LDC” fund manager Investor commits to capital calls through 9/2010.

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