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Microlending in Iraq
Microlending in Iraq

Sana is 39 years old. She and her husband have five children. As is the case with too many women in Iraq, she worked hard every day and struggled alongside her husband to provide a decent life for her children.

Sana was forced to move from her home in the city to the countryside, to live with her husbandís family. The transition was difficult in many ways, but her determination to improve her familyís life kept her going.

She learned about CHF Internationalís Access to Credit Services Initiative (ACSI) through her husband, who is employed as a driver for the CHF Community Action Program. She soon took out a loan using the money to purchase livestock. She used the milk to produce homemade cheese and yoghurt. Her profits from this project increased, and she was able to pay back the loan on time.

Sana kept working hard, and her confidence and ambition grew. She applied for a second loan of 3,000 USD over a 12 month period. With that money, she built a shelter for her animals and was able to increase her production. Word of her product spread in her village, and her customer base continued to grow.

Sana was so successful that her contribution to the family income enabled them to build extra rooms to expand their humble 2 room home to more comfortably accommodate a family of 7.

Dedication and commitment like that shown by Sana is not uncommon. Although the obstacles against women like Sana are great, with a bit of help at the right time from CHF, these women can regain control of their own futures.

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