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Katalysis Bootstrap Fund

3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Contact: Margaret Diener, Investment Relations
Phone: 209-644-6245
Fax: 886-403-6571
Katalysis Bootstrap Fund

The Katalysis Bootstrap Fund is a nonprofit community loan fund committed to helping fight poverty in Central America by supporting microfinance activities. The Fund partners with an established network of nongovernmental microfinance organizations. Loans are directed primarily to MFIs members of the Katalysis Central American Microfinance Network, a regional entity headquartered in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Through this network of twenty local organizations, we are able to effectively and efficiently provide loans to enterprising women and men in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.


Katalysis Bootstrap Fund borrows capital from socially responsible investors and lends it to Central American microfinance institutions and nongovernmental organizations involved in micro-credit lending. These investors share the Fund's commitment and values related to economic development among the poor women and men who are our neighbors to the south. Bootstrap also accepts contributions from individuals and institutions, which it then uses for operations, lending and supplementing the equity base.

The Fund builds on models for micro-enterprise and community development lending successfully used by a number of revolving loan funds in the developing world and the United States.

Client Population

Katalysis Bootstrap Fund focuses exclusively on Central America, particularly El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. To date, Katalysis Bootstrap Fund loans have gone to qualifying member organizations of the Network. As the Fund grows, Fund directors may extend loans to other qualifying microfinance organizations that meet the Fund's standards related to organizational health, strength and management.


The Katalysis Network of microfinance organizations has become a powerful force in Central America. The Fund's lending represents approximately 6% of the capital borrowed by the MFI members of the Network. The twenty MFIs have a collective client population of 272,650 throughout El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. On average 61% of the borrowers are women. The MFIs range from very large to very small; their average loan sizes correspond with a range that averages $406 for the small organizations to $862 for the large ones. The larger organizations tend to make many more large loans and involve themselves in some agricultural lending.


Katalysis Bootstrap Fund
A loan from Katalysis Bootstrap Fund and a recipe for fried chicken turned Antonia's dream of owning a restaurant into a reality. Her great cooking and hard work combined with the capital from the Bootstrap Banking program has allowed Antonia to work for a better future for her child. Full Story

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