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Nonprofits Assistance Fund


Transformational Lending: At Nonprofits Assistance Fund, it's more than a loan; it's a strategic financial collaboration for stabilization, transformation, and success. Loans are available for working capital, construction, debt consolidation, cash flow, and bridge lending. Loans range from $15,000 to $450,000 terms of three months to five years.

Financial Guidance: Nonprofits Assistance Fund provides support to borrowers throughout the life of the loan. Before making the loan, Nonprofits Assistance Fund provides a Financial Needs Assessment to clarify the organization's financial situation. During the course of the loan, he loan officer offers hands-on assistance to increase the financial capacity of the organization and its staff. Nonprofits Assistance Fund also offers Financial Needs Assessments and other financial management guidance to any Minnesota nonprofit.

Financial Management Training and Resources: Nonprofits Assistance Fund encourages healthy financial practices in the nonprofit community by offering regular workshops for executive directors, staff, and board members. The curriculum is specifically designed for nonprofits; topics include cash flow, budgeting, financial reporting, and understanding financial statements. The website also provides free, practical, and accessible resources and tools to help nonprofits implement stronger financial management.

Investments by institutions such as Calvert Foundation provide lending capital to Nonprofits Assistance Fund.

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