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Lucia's Factory Dream
Lucia's Factory Dream

Ms. Lucia Quisbert and her husband, residents of a town in Bolivia's high plateau country, had long dreamed of setting up a factory to produce burners for gas stoves. Mr. Monzón, her husband, began production in a small workshop in 1995, supported by the couple’s two children. They started out with only one model, and all the work was done by hand. From the start, however, Mr. Monzón firmly intended to someday expand the small workshop into a large factory.

Initially they produced around 200 burners per week, but were gradually able to boost output to 800 burners per week. At that point, just as the business was becoming established, Mr. Monzón passed away. "He devoted many years of his life to creating this small business, neglecting his health in the process", says Ms. Quisbert.Even after losing the head of the family, however, the widow and her two children still had their dreams. They continued to expand the business.

In 2001, the family decided to invest in industrial machinery. They turned to Banco Los Andes ProCredit, which, having assessed the family's business and trusting their ability to make it grow, granted them a loan.

In 2002 they purchased a mechanical lathe, and later acquired two mechanical presses. Production rose from 800 to 2,500 burners per week. The changeover from manual to industrial production was difficult. Despite setbacks, however, the family never gave up. Thanks to their hard work and dedication and the support of Banco Los Andes ProCredit, their successful family-owned business, known as "AMC", is even able to compete with the foreign manufacturers selling burners in Bolivia.

Today AMC produces up to 7,000 burners per week, and the product range comprises more than 40 different models. The family is still driven by its mission of generating employment and helping to develop the country's machine building industry.

"I want to express my very special thanks to Banco Los Andes ProCredit for having given myself and my children an opportunity. Without your support for our family, we would not have been able to make our dreams come true. Thank you for having given us your trust."

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