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Eastman Kodak Company (EK)
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Eastman Kodak Company

There are currently no resolutions for Eastman Kodak Company.
Company News

DJSI Takes Holistic Approach to Assessing and Promoting Corporate Sustainability
Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes assesses overall sustainability performance, driving constant improvement through the competitiveness to attain best-in-class status.

Business Roundtable May Be Seeing the Light with New Initiative
The SEE Change program hints at a tipping point for US business community engagement of social, environmental, and economic issues, but the program's success may depend on how critics view its performance.

Toxic 100 Uses Enhanced Toxics Release Inventory Data to List Top Corporate Polluters
The Toxic 100 aggregates facility-level TRI data to compute company-wide toxic emissions performance.

Company Reports for Eastman Kodak Company
Global Sustainability 2007 Annual Report Global Sustainability 2007 Annual Report

    View Report (PDF format)

Global Sustainability 2006 Annual Report Global Sustainability 2006 Annual Report

    View Report (PDF format)


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