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How to Choose a Financial Advisor

Determine your needs

It can be hard knowing where to begin looking for financial advice. The first step in seeking out a financial advisor is determining your level of need. Maybe it is tax advice, savings, investment, or retirement. Although there are experts in each area, a good financial advisor should be your anchor and help you bring in additional expertise when necessary.

Get a referral

Just like finding a good doctor, one of the best places to start looking for a financial advisor is to ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. As a social investor, you may also want to ask for references from people with similar values to your own. If you can't get a referral to an advisor that specializes in social investing you may want to consider an advisor listed on but make sure you ask for references from the advisor.

Check credentials

There are critical attributes you should look for in your personal advisor. Of course one of those is experience, in terms of number of years as a financial advisor and as a social investing advisor. The next thing you should consider is a professional certification and education. Make sure you understand what advise and service an advisor is trained and licensed to give you.


Finally, you may also want to consider the size of an individual's practice or firm as an indication of the resources available to help craft a financial plan that is tailored to your needs.

While everyone has some level of concern about their finances, but with only so many hours in the day, it is difficult to keep up with the financial world. Tax law changes and volatile markets are just a couple of reasons managing your own finances carries a level of risk.

A good financial advisor can assist you by looking at your current financial condition and recommending just the right combination of savings and investments to help you achieve financial health and well-being.

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