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Some Reasons to Consider Choosing a Financial Advisor

  1. Long term investment plan: Financial advisors take the time to understand your particular financial needs and goals and help you to craft a financial and investing plan.

  2. Choosing investments: Lets face it, there is an ever-increasing number of financial options for your money. And, while there is more information available today sometimes choosing the right mix can be overwhelming. Financial advisors are trained to help you make choices.

  3. Allocation: Financial advisors help you decide the right level of allocation depending on your life circumstances. This may be reflected in the level of risk of investments you choose.

  4. Changing conditions: Volatility is more the rule than the exception in today's market. Financial advisors help you interpret how changing conditions affect your portfolio.

  5. Timely information: Financial advisors help you react to news and information while it is still current while at the same time damping tendencies toward panic selling and late-stage buying.

  6. Convenience: Staying on top of your investments takes time, energy, and patience. Using a financial advisor can help you conserve your time and energy for your family and hobbies.

  7. Socially responsible: Many financial advisors have years of experience choosing socially responsible investments and can work with you to choose stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that meet your values.

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