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Innovest Strategic Value Advisors

Innovest Strategic Value Advisors is a specialized financial information services and investment advisory firm headquartered in New York with offices in Toronto and London.

Innovest is dedicated to rigorously assessing corporate environmental performance, then using this analysis as a proxy for management quality to project the stock market returns of individual companies. Moving beyond the negative screens of most "socially responsible investments", Innovest uses up to 60 environmental criteria to develop its EcoValue 21TM ratings of AAA (outperform) to CCC (underperform) on over 1000 domestic and international equities.

Depending upon the sector, companies with above average EcoValue 21TM ratings have consistently outperformed lower rated companies by 300 to 2500 basis points per year. In short, Innovest uncovers hidden value and risk potential among companies using evaluation techniques often ignored by mainstream Wall Street analysts. Its methodology has been both back and beta-tested by Morgan Stanley and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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