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Tobacco Divestment
The Council for Responsible Public Investment tracks and monitors institutions that have divested from tobacco stock holdings. It also has support materials to help members, students, and administrators help their organizations understand the importance of not investing in tobacco related companies.

The following are their current status sheets on organizations that have divested from tobacco holdings (PDF format, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

About the Council for Responsible Public Investment
The Council for Responsible Public Investment (CRPI) works to develop investment policies for communities, pension funds, and other institutional investors that promote corporate responsibility and accountability. CRPI encourages policymakers to make investment decisions based on both: Social and environmental criteria designed to benefit communities; Sound financial criteria to protect the safety of public investments and increase their financial return. The Council for Responsible Public Investment provides educational and technical assistance to policymakers, unions, educational institutions, foundations and public health organizations as they work toward implementing and monitoring financially and socially responsible public investment policies. CRPI is a Tides Center Project. CRPI's current campaign is a Tobacco Divestment Project, assisting tobacco control coalitions and policymakers in their efforts to keep public funds tobacco free.

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